Hazbin Hotel Fanart


All the fanart I created for Hazbin Hotel in chronological order (from latest to oldest). Proofreading by @KswordfishK

Alastor teasing Vaggie
Alastor / Rosie first encounter (playfully called "When Rosie Met Ally")
Why Alastor should never fall in Love
A very personal idea of Alastor's, Angel Dust's and Husk's human forms
A very personal idea of Valentino's human form
Alastor meets pathetic simpsona
Alastor's Arrival in Hell
Vaggie Suckerpunching Al
Alastor's need (feat. Husk)
Rosie teasing Alastor
The day before Alastor (finally) bought his 1st hellphone



A very personal idea of Alastor's, Angel Dust's and Husk's human forms
It all started out as a joke about how most fans draw human Husk and Angel Dust without the age gap of approximately 20 years that they have, and also the fact that they died at different point in their lives. Husk was the only one who reached at least a bit of old age, despite his probably unhealthy lifestyle. I originally never planned on picturing Alastor as well, but he provided the magic for the prank, so in he went. And while I am aware that he won't be portrayed this way in the actual show (if we ever see his human form), the way I draw all 3 of them is very logical.
One thing I knew about Al was, he had to have was slicked back hair. It was just the fashionable thing to do in the early 30s (when Al died), even for Black people. Also, tiny pencil mustaches were very chic, and since Cab Calloway was the role model for Disney's Dr. Facillier, who inspired Viv for Alastor, I simply HAD to give human Al said mustache. The slight overbite, on the other hand, is not backed up by historical fashion facts, I just thought it suited him.
Cab CallowayCab CallowayCab Calloway

Now, on to Husk. He was around 70 when he died, probably marked by years of self-neglect, alcohol abuse and liver cirrhosis. Hence the bad teeth and yellowish eyes.
With Anthony (Angel's life name), I wasn't quite as correct as with Al, since in the 1940ies, men also wore slicked back hair. I simply wanted to differ his looks from Al. What I DID do is make him significantly shorter! In the pilot, he praises himself by saying "This body is flawless" while looking at his long legs. That made me think: Maybe he was just as short as his brother when alive? I also didn't make him platinum blonde, as I've often seen him, simply because there are not too many plantinum blonde Italians running around. Dark blonde is just fine, though, and he got pretty green eyes.

I have NO idea what those december events were, but I can imagine that Husk, who knows Al better than most other demons, also knows some things Alastor does not want to be debated in public. This joke is a mix of the famous Guy-Fawkes-poem and the celebration day of Krampus.


A very personal idea of Valentino's human form
I like to imagine Valentino as a greasy, 2nd-class pimp & drug dealer who was anything but a big number when alive. Basically the inventor of the mullet and a complete douchebag. Loves Boney M. Think of Colin Farrell's wonderful performance in "Horrible Bosses".
That hairstyle was too evil even for hell, which is why he's bald there.