Hazbin Hotel Fanart


All the fanart I created for Hazbin Hotel in chronological order (from latest to oldest). Proofreading by @KswordfishK

Alastor teasing Vaggie
Alastor / Rosie first encounter (playfully called "When Rosie Met Ally")
Why Alastor should never fall in Love
A very personal idea of Alastor's, Angel Dust's and Husk's human forms
A very personal idea of Valentino's human form
Alastor meets pathetic simpsona
Alastor's Arrival in Hell
Vaggie Suckerpunching Al
Alastor's need (feat. Husk)
Rosie teasing Alastor
The day before Alastor (finally) bought his 1st hellphone



Alastor meets pathetic simpsona
Artistic whistling was popular in the 1920ies and again in the 1940ies and later. In the 1930ies however, it doesn't seem to have been as present in ENGLISH recordings. In German ones, it's a bit more popular at the time. The trick is, you have to be able to whistle both when breathing in and out, so the melody remains unbroken.
The song however is a very nice Austrian tango ("Schöner Gigolo, Armer Gigolo") that exists in English ("Just A Gigolo") since 1931, but is mostly known for the faster 1950ies Luis Prima version.
In case you are SUCH a nerd that you want to know the backstory of that song and what it's all about (in essence: a former soldier who has no income after the end of WW1 and has to make a living as a gigolo) you'll find it here.