Hazbin Hotel Fanart


All the fanart I created for Hazbin Hotel in chronological order (from latest to oldest). Proofreading by @KswordfishK

Alastor teasing Vaggie
Alastor / Rosie first encounter (playfully called "When Rosie Met Ally")
Why Alastor should never fall in Love
A very personal idea of Alastor's, Angel Dust's and Husk's human forms
A very personal idea of Valentino's human form
Alastor meets pathetic simpsona
Alastor's Arrival in Hell
Vaggie Suckerpunching Al
Alastor's need (feat. Husk)
Rosie teasing Alastor
The day before Alastor (finally) bought his 1st hellphone



Alastor's Arrival in Hell
The music Al hears in his head is Art Kassel's "Hells Bells", but in an interpretation of the Sid Peltyn Orchestra aka The New Yorkers. Since I had no sheet music, I pasted the sound waves of the song into Al's mind.
I wanted to take it slowly, because I don't think anyone can wake up in hell, realize they are dead and just carry on. He also didn't arrive in hell in his full glory as we know him. He still has to grow into his look.
The idea of Al landing naked in a circus in hell was inspired by @ckret2, while him having these lovely heart shaped markings on his butt comes from a cartoon by @madame_chibois