Hazbin Hotel Fanart


All the fanart I created for Hazbin Hotel in chronological order (from latest to oldest). Proofreading by @KswordfishK

Alastor teasing Vaggie
Alastor / Rosie first encounter (playfully called "When Rosie Met Ally")
Why Alastor should never fall in Love
A very personal idea of Alastor's, Angel Dust's and Husk's human forms
A very personal idea of Valentino's human form
Alastor meets pathetic simpsona
Alastor's Arrival in Hell
Vaggie Suckerpunching Al
Alastor's need (feat. Husk)
Rosie teasing Alastor
The day before Alastor (finally) bought his 1st hellphone



The day before Alastor (finally) bought his 1st hellphone
This was the first time I inserted an actual musical score to represent the sounds that continuously emanate from Alastor. The notes are part of the song "Sweet Georgia Brown". It has no special meaning behind it, unlike the later samples I provide.

The falling disk bears the correct label of the song Al describes. The "noise" in the last picture are the actual sound waves to it. St. James' Infirmary has rather sad lyrics, which is why I picked it for the falling disc. You have to know: I owned some of those babies myself. I know how collectors tick. Al's pain is real.
Now, as for the first song of Al we see in the 2 pics before the disc falls: I wanted some sort of mocking tune to represent his attitude towards Vaggie, so a novelty song seemed right. Novelty songs were quite popular back then + had funny to suggestive lyrics. The song I picked is "I lift up my finger and I say Tweet-Tweet". Written + performed by Leslie Sarony.

Never mistake a shellac for a vinyl!
The song Al plays is "I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you". Just because the title fits his feelings towards Vaggie.

Rosie's reaction to Al's reaction is my personal hc, as they have a platonic, kinda S/M friendship. Rosie gets excited whenever Al loses his cool & starts eating sweets.